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Data visualisation during wartime. Nadja Kelm`s speech at the data-journalisn conference in Finland

"For the last sixteen months, we have been working during the war and we have been telling about the war. None of us wanted to go through this, but it turned out to be a unique experience which I would like to share it with you" - this is how Nadja Kelm started her speech at the annual conference "Visualizing Knowledge", which has been held since 2012 in the capital of Finland. Since 2017, it has been organized by Aalto University. This year the name was "Visualizing Uncertainty".We publish her speech below.Читати українською
Журналістика даних

In Ukraine, there are about 20,000 fires on arable land yearly

In Ukraine, people love to put things to the fire, and they rev in burning staff. Not only leaves and rubbish are burned, but also reeds, stubble, and grass. They are burned in such a way that sometimes forests also catch fire. In addition, more and more accidental wildfires occur every year due to droughts. As a result, we have the largest number of fires among all neighboring countries. Check out our interactive visualization to see what these fires look like.

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