Ukraine Plans to Use Chemical Weapons while Russia Exposes a British Spy Network. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 19-25 February 2024

Last week, Russian propagandists tried to take full advantage of the capture of Avdiivka. Among other things, they reported on shocking “discoveries” of secret torture chambers allegedly used to hold Zelensky’s political opponents.Читати українською The Russian Ministry of Defense also claimed that the AFU was planning to build a “chemical defensive perimeter” and had already purchased the necessary components from Western partners that endorse such methods of warfare. Meanwhile, the disinformers have redoubled their efforts to expose US and British agents in mother Russia.

Putin Defies the Cold while the Houthies Defy the USA. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 8-14 January 2024

Last week, the Russian media continued to insist that Ukraine was suffering defeat after defeat in the battlefield. However, the front line dynamic — or rather a lack thereof — suggests otherwise. The propagandists are trying to show that Russia is retaliating for the attack on Belgorod.Читати українською

Putin Is All Over the News: the Dictator’s Election Campaign Narratives. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 11-17 December 2023

Putin's “Direct Line” forum played a key role in the dictator’s election campaign. Last week, Russian media produced a flurry of news reports on its results. The propagandists once again reminded their readers who is to blame for the war against Ukraine, predicted the egg prices to go down and addressed the timeless question “which is the ultimate New Year’s dish: Olivier salad or dressed herring?”.Read this article in Ukrainian

Humor and news. How Russian propaganda leaks into Ukrainian TikTok

We have investigated the non-political segment of TikTok to understand whether Russian influences are penetrating through the entertainment content of this network. The weakest link is humor.TikTok shows Ukrainians videos of Russian stand-up comedians, and often it's "Zadornov-style" humor, mocking the West.Читати українською

Putin Will Lead Russia to Victory while Trump Will Lead the US out of NATO. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 4-10 December 2023

Last week, Russian media once again brought the main focus on the news from the Ukrainian front. Saying that Russia's victory is just around the corner, the propaganda claimed that the Ukrainian forces were retreating and spread fake news about captured towns and villages.Читати українською

Pride Parades Banned for Promoting Western Values while the U.S. Is Planning a Hit on Budanov. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 27 November-3 December 2023

Last week, there was a lot speculation on Russian media about who was behind the poisoning of the wife of the Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov. Long story short, it could be anyone except Russia: the suspects included Zelensky, Zaluzhny and Western intelligence services.
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The Piggyback Trick. How YouTube Algorithms Promote Conspirology and Propaganda

outube has long earned the reputation of a convenient and reliable service. Two out of three Ukrainians come here for entertainment and educational content, but they also use it to watch the news and follow the twists and turns of Ukraine's political life. The recommendation algorithm is the “heart” of YouTube. In a nutshell, the better recommendations the platform offers, the more time its users spend watching videos and the more money they bring to the advertisers by watching their adverts.

Fingers Crossed for Orbán and Happy Life under Occupation. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 13-19 November 2023

Last week, Russian media reported that Russian army had been able to break the Ukrainian defenses and enter Adviivka. According to the propagandists, the Kyiv regime is sending 16-years-olds and women with serious illnesses and health conditions into the trenches. They tried to turn Ukrainians against each other by claiming that it was only the frontline cities that were taking the toll of war while the life in Kyiv and other regions was full of excess and extravagance.

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