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The Germs of the Russian World: Who Supports Russia in Europe

In the middle of October 2016 Russian Orthodox Church opened its “spiritual and cultural center” by placing a golden-domed cupola on top of the future Saint Trinity church in Quai Branly. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except the fact that the future church was being built at a stone’s throw from Palais de l'Alma which contains the Élysée Palace’s postal service and the private apartments of senior presidential advisers. What some might dismiss as conspirology is very likely to be an attempt of using this place of worship and other Russian churches as electronic surveillance centers to eavesdrop on French authorities, Russian influence researchers say.

Polish Mercenaries Liberate Kherson After a Backdoor Deal. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 7-14 November 2022

The liberation of the western bank of Kherson oblast was in the focus of last week's publications on Russian media for obvious reasons. Russian commentators made no particular attempt to conceal their sadness and desperately insisted on the existence of some dirty deals. While trying to exonerate their military command for the failures in the battlefield, they came up with wild stories about Polish mercenaries who were allegedly the tip of the spear of the Ukrainian offensive.All those efforts point at the fact that they just cannot admit a humiliating military defeat from the “khokhols” they used to mock for decades. This monitoring report covers these and other topics of the disinformation spread by Russian state media and online parajournalists to manipulate public opinion.

The Panic Wizards. Here’s how a pro-Russian network organized the “coronavirus riot” in Novi Sanzhary, Ukraine

Women at the central bazaar in Novi Sanzhary do not want to deal with the press: “Your journalists have defamed us all! First they frightened us till we shat, now they wonder why we are outraged”. Seeing the press ID, the women shout and chase me away. Having skipped work, on February 20 they were at the epicenter of events, in the crowd surrounded by hundreds of National Guard soldiers and police.

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