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How Russian propaganda exploits images of children. Examples from the Kherson region

Russia likes to use children in propaganda. Back in the Soviet times, many books and paintings featured Lenin with children. Stalin also liked to be surrounded by happy kids, at least for the purpose of political campaigns. Putin's Russia is creatively continuing this tradition. While in the Russian Federation children from kindergartens to technical schools are lined up in the letter "Z" shape or asked to draw a St. George's ribbon, Ukrainian children in the occupied cities (including the recently liberated Kherson) are forced to become living proof of the "happy occupation."Translated by Dmitry Lytov & Mike LytovRead this article in Ukrainian

"Lessons of love". How Russian schools work in Mariupol, and what they teach the children

Mariia and her two children moved from Donetsk to Mariupol two years ago. Back in Donetsk, she had a job, an apartment and a husband. In Mariupol, she has her parents and uncertainty. How to earn a living, where to live, how to send children to school when they do not have any Ukrainian documents? But she dared to do it. Donetsk has been slowly degrading under the last few years of the occupation. Young people kept leaving it - some to Ukraine, some to Russia, just so as not to stay there, in the territory of lawlessness and uncertainty.You can also read this article in Ukrainian (first published on the website 0629.com.ua)Translated by Dmitry Lytov & Mike Lytov
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Under attack. What and when Russia shelled in Ukraine

This is an interactive map. By clicking on the legend, you can choose the type of shelling: artillery, rocket, or air shelling, while by hovering the mouse over a specific point, you can get the details: the date of the shelling, its location and coordinates or the reference link. Underneath the map, you can also choose a specific time range by moving a slider to the right or left. If you click on the blue rectangle, you can see a satellite image showing the destruction caused by the shelling.Читати українською.

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