Battle for the history

“Just a century ago people in France and Europe could easily differentiate Rus’ from Muscovy”, Theodore Casimir Delamarre, owner and editor in chief of La Patrie, said back in 1869 in his petition to the French senate.“History shouldn’t forget, people we know now as Ruthenians were known previously as Rusians (spot single “s”) or Ruses and people we call now as Russians were Muscovites and their land was called Muscovy”, added Delamarre.

"I would learn Russian if only..." How the Russian authorities turned the Ukrainian language into “second class”

In Ukrainian schools, teachers of the Russian language and literature were considered a privileged caste. Even higher than history teachers. History was considered mainly an ideological discipline at school. "Historians" also taught the course "Fundamentals of the state and law". They were, traditionally, leaders of Communist party cells at schools.Translated by Dmitry Lytov & Mike LytovЧитати українською

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