The Kharkiv Borodino: Russia Claims Credit for Killing French Mercenaries. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 15-21 January 2024

Russian media have been claiming that Ukraine is losing the war for almost two years now, and last week’s reports were no exception. Such claims are being supported by the news of unclear prospects of continuing Western aid to Ukraine. The issue has been causing considerable internal disagreement both in the USA and within the EU. The AFU are experiencing ammunition shortages. According to the propaganda, all the above means that victory is just around the corner. Читати українською
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The Piggyback Trick. How YouTube Algorithms Promote Conspirology and Propaganda

outube has long earned the reputation of a convenient and reliable service. Two out of three Ukrainians come here for entertainment and educational content, but they also use it to watch the news and follow the twists and turns of Ukraine's political life. The recommendation algorithm is the “heart” of YouTube. In a nutshell, the better recommendations the platform offers, the more time its users spend watching videos and the more money they bring to the advertisers by watching their adverts.

What’s that got to do with Soledar? Death and renaissance of Russian occupation Telegram channels

At the end of October 2022, we published a data project about the Russian "Telegram occupation", in which we investigated 120 Telegram channels that were set up by the Russians under the guise of Ukrainian local news channels to prepare for and justify the Russian occupation of Ukrainian territories. However, things didn’t turn out as planned, and by the end of September 2022, almost half of these news channels stopped working. As we learnt later on, not forever. Some Telegram channels still got a chance for a second life, although again, not for long. More details about Russian activity in Telegram and what Soledar offensive has got to do with it – in the article below.

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