The Godless Israel. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 9-15 October 2023

Last week's publications on Russian media were focused on the Middle East: Russian media claimed that Israel had no regard for conventions of war. The propagandists praised pro-Russian Romanian politician Diana Șoșoacă who had managed to have Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to the members of the Parliament of Romania canceled.Russian media also provided their own explanation of Germany is reluctantance to provide cruise missiles to Ukraine: according to the propagandists, the Germans are extremely concerned about the missiles falling into Russian hands.

Battle for the history

“Just a century ago people in France and Europe could easily differentiate Rus’ from Muscovy”, Theodore Casimir Delamarre, owner and editor in chief of La Patrie, said back in 1869 in his petition to the French senate.“History shouldn’t forget, people we know now as Ruthenians were known previously as Rusians (spot single “s”) or Ruses and people we call now as Russians were Muscovites and their land was called Muscovy”, added Delamarre.

A Harbinger of Troubled Times and a Servant of Their People: a Comic Show that Russia Deserves

Russia is a country where rebellion against the authorities is often led by leaders who are even more brutal and despotic than legitimate leaders. Little-educated Prigozhin can hardly be compared with Lenin, but he has a lot in common with Yemelyan Pugachev, an (in)famous leader of the bloody Cossack War of 1773-1775.Published on June 19, 2023Translated by Dmitry Lytov and Mike LytovЧитати українською

The states that will emerge after the collapse of Russia will be anti-Chinese, their natural allies are the USA, Japan, and South Korea

How to make Russia collaps. Russia's might is a myth created by its propaganda and television.Oleg Magaletskyi, a researcher of Russian Federation regionalism and the co-organizer of the Free Peoples of Postrossia forum, told TEXTY what can change the situation on our north-eastern borders. And also how the emergence of independent states on the territory of the Russian Federation will affect the general security situation in the world.Read this article in Ukrainian

Russia Pits the EU vs the US. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 21-27 November 2022

Last week, the fake news spread by Russian media said that the Ukrainian government's mobilization campaign was solely focused on the country's Russian-speaking regions — such was the Kyiv regime's attempt to quell the resistance, the propagandists claimed.Russian media also presented the “real” motives of the recent raids in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra ranging from satanists in the Ukrainian government to Washington's schemes. They also gave vivid details of Europe’s hatred for the USA. This monitoring report covers these and other topics of the disinformation spread by Russian state media and online parajournalists to manipulate public opinion.

Russia Wants to Keep UN Hostage Forever while their War Correspondents Reel from a Shock. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 5-11 September

Last week, Russian media continued to trample Anti-Russian sanctions. Russia was claimed to be so successful in countering the sanctions that even China was taking notice. The propagandists also published triumphant statements of the Ministry of Defense on the Russian victories in Kharkiv oblast, scared the readers with American biolabs and scorned at Josep Borrel. This monitoring report covers these and other topics of the disinformation spread by Russian state media and online parajournalists to manipulate public opinion.

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