How to Explain the Real Reason Why Russia is Waging a War on Ukraine to Europeans

The Ukrainians who fled to Europe lack the right arguments while talking to Europeans who just can't understand why Russia attacked Ukraine and why Ukrainians do not agree to meet halfway. We did our best to prepare a few points which might help to clarify the matter.Читати українською

The states that will emerge after the collapse of Russia will be anti-Chinese, their natural allies are the USA, Japan, and South Korea

How to make Russia collaps. Russia's might is a myth created by its propaganda and television.Oleg Magaletskyi, a researcher of Russian Federation regionalism and the co-organizer of the Free Peoples of Postrossia forum, told TEXTY what can change the situation on our north-eastern borders. And also how the emergence of independent states on the territory of the Russian Federation will affect the general security situation in the world.Read this article in Ukrainian

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