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What’s up with the power? How Russia destroys energy infrastructure

Russia is systematically shelling electrical substations throughout Ukraine. We tried to analyze where Russian missiles are most often aimed at and what targets they choose.Earlier, we wrote about how Russian propagandists rejoice in response to attacks on Ukrainian power grids. We tried to investigate in more detail where the Russian forces were directing their strikes and saw how they are trying to isolate Ukraine's power grid and divide it into separate pieces. Notably, a lot of effort is being made to cut off electricity from the north of the country (Kyiv and Kharkiv).Translated by Dmitry Lytov & Mike LytovRead this article in Ukrainian

Searching the leaked correspondence of Russian officials. Basic tutorial

After Russia has launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, various hackers started breaking into the mail servers of Russian organizations and releasing their contents to the public. Given mounds of data to sift through, how is it possible to find any meaningful information in there?For this purpose, we modified Aleph, a software environment for document indexing, and while running it in test mode we uploaded almost two dozen such "leaks" from Russian companies and governmental bodies to it. This text explains how to operate this system. You can find a link to the tool itself at the end of the article.Translated by Dmitry Lytov, Mike Lytov
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Under attack. What and when Russia shelled in Ukraine

This is an interactive map. By clicking on the legend, you can choose the type of shelling: artillery, rocket, or air shelling, while by hovering the mouse over a specific point, you can get the details: the date of the shelling, its location and coordinates or the reference link. Underneath the map, you can also choose a specific time range by moving a slider to the right or left. If you click on the blue rectangle, you can see a satellite image showing the destruction caused by the shelling.Читати українською.

У чому вразливість залізничної мережі окупантів на півдні (карта)

Українська армія протистоїть російській тактиці нескінченних артилерійських обстрілів — знищує склади боєприпасів, логістичні вузли та командні пункти високоточними ударами (наприклад, за допомогою ракет GLRMS). Саме тому в останні тижні ЗСУ неодноразово руйнували й пошкоджували мости та переправи через Дніпро й Інгулець біля Херсона.

Fewer tanks, but more artillery and drones: the dynamics of Russian military losses in Ukraine

The dynamics of Russian military losses show that the nature of the war in Ukraine has changed over the past few weeks. First of all, the loss rate of tanks has decreased after passing its peak in early May. From 1 to 12 May, Russian troops tried to land on the west bank of the Siverskyi Donets river, the main strategic line of defensdefense forefor the Ukrainian army. Much telling was the failed landing attempt near Bilohorivka, when Russian troops lost dozens of pieces of military equipment and had potentially hundreds of soldiers killed and wounded in action.
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Stolen grain shipped through Sevastopol on “gray” carrier vessels as Turkey rapidly increase grain exports from Russia

Since the beginning of the war, Russia has been stealing Ukrainian grain from occupied territories, exporting and selling it to countries not involved in the conflict. This has been repeatedly stated by Ukrainian and foreign high-ranking officials. We compared data on Russian exports, ship traffic and satellite images.

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