How to Curb Disinformation in Your YouTube Feed

The benefits of studying disinformation on YouTubeYouTube is one of the most popular social media in Poland and Ukraine: two-thirds of the people in each country have an active account and use the platform to watch entertainment and informational content. The recommendation algorithm is the heart of YouTube: personalized, high-quality selections of similar videos keep viewers on the platform to maximize advertising profits and help users find videos of interest more easily.Читати українською

Operation “New Coat of Paint”. How Trashy Websites Help Notorious Figures Restore Their Reputation: a Monitoring Report on Disinformation in Ukraine

Many Ukrainian trashy websites that we monitor appear to be offering their services to all kinds of dubious characters in need of a reputation fix. Those include scandalous politicians and so-called experts who had worked for pro-Russian TV channels promoting Kremlin's narratives before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Читати українською

The Pessimistic Arestovych, Putin’s Death and the Blocking of Draft Dodgers’ Bank Cards. Ukrainian Media Monitoring Report, 1-31 October 2023

In October, the Ukrainian trashy websites spread fakes about the blocking of bank accounts and plastic cards which belong to draft dodgers. Oleksii Arestovych still remains one of the most popular military experts in the segment while the news on Putin's death has been presented with absolute certainty.

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