Ukraine's accession to NATO will cause a crisis in Russia. The Alliance's official refusal can cause a crisis in Ukraine

Is Ukraine really facing an invasion by the Russian army? Why does Russia want NATO to officially forsake Ukraine? How is Russia's aggression of 2014 different from today's? How is the nature of the conflict changing and why can cyberattacks be more dangerous than military action?

Breaking the glass ceiling. Here's how Ukraine is moving towards gender equality

"I count the time of an internal reform of society from the Revolution of Dignity", says the co-host of the show "about" Yaroslava Kravchenko. "At first we became intolerant of usurpation and arbitrariness, then to corruption, then the war forced us to reassess values. Then we began to work out worldview topics, such as equality, tolerance, acceptance of others.A video titled "I (don't) want children" was released a month ago and has received 100,000 views, and 22,000 users have already subscribed to the YouTube channel of the "about" show. This is the first Ukrainian-language talk show in which women talk without shame about sex, orgasm, self-acceptance, childfree options.

IT hub Ukraine. Our companies sell sophisticated products but they don't attract local investment

By the late 1990s, professors and teachers of Ukrainian polytechnics had literally nothing left but their knowledge to pass on to students.Salaries were low, the material base was dilapidated and outdated, and the prospects were hazy. No one could even dream of a modern, powerful IT industry.

Decommunization of the minds. Here’s how freedom and their own money teach communities to act rationally

The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the people who survived collectivization, the Holodomor, dekulakization, repression, and war, now after the Revolution of Dignity gained the right to dispose of the collected taxes and to decide where to move next. And this right is encouraging: "Ukraine of a healthy person" is gradually sprouting in small communities. Here we are telling about the example of the Humentsi community in Khmelnytsky region.

Internet troll confession: “We provoke a new level of aggression in our victims”

Have you ever imagined what an internet troll looks like?We met one in a Kyiv coffee house. He looks about 25 years old, gives the impression of a well brought up and educated person. We immediately agree on the terms of confidentiality – to change the name, not to mention the details of the work that may lead to identification. He also asks not to call him a bot.

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