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Searching the leaked correspondence of Russian officials. Basic tutorial

After Russia has launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, various hackers started breaking into the mail servers of Russian organizations and releasing their contents to the public. Given mounds of data to sift through, how is it possible to find any meaningful information in there?For this purpose, we modified Aleph, a software environment for document indexing, and while running it in test mode we uploaded almost two dozen such "leaks" from Russian companies and governmental bodies to it. This text explains how to operate this system. You can find a link to the tool itself at the end of the article.Translated by Dmitry Lytov, Mike Lytov

On water, but without water. How half a million people in Mykolaiv live without the regular water supply and try to restore it

Since the middle of April, the second most populous regional center in southern Ukraine has been living without a centralized supply of drinking water, while the tap water is only suitable for toilets. The reason for this is a water pipeline that was cut off by the Russians, which stretches for more than 70 km from the Dnipro, and which had been supplying Mykolaiv with drinking water for more than 40 years. As long as the majority of the water line is in the occupied territory, it is impossible to repair it. TEXTY researched whether it was possible to establish an alternative water supply in three months and how the situation may be solved in the long-term perspective. Translated by Dmitry Lytov, Mike Lytov

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