The Kakhovka HPP was designed to withstand a nuclear attack. There is no question of its self-destruction

An opinion of an engineer who designs dams. TEXTY contacted Mykola Kalinin, the chief engineer of Ukrhydroproject, a Ukrainian institution specializing in the design of energy facilities since the first half of the 20th century.

Mykola Kalinin: The Kakhovka HPP was designed and built to withstand a nuclear strike from the outside. Therefore, any talk that it could somehow collapse by itself is pointless. This is out of the question. Once again - the dam is designed to withstand a nuclear impact.

The fact is: the gates on several spans of the Kakhovka dam were destroyed and they let water through. About five gates were open and water was constantly flowing through them.

"How was it possible to destroy it, anyway?"

"Apparently, several explosions were carried out simultaneously. Most likely, the dam itself was mined, just in those spans that were open, and perhaps a little further. In addition, the HPP building itself, where hydro units are installed to generate electricity, must have been mined. What’s important - mined from the inside. Because, as I said above, the dam was designed and built to withstand a super-powerful impact from the outside. But not from the inside.

If you plant the explosives correctly, if someone tipped you off, and we know that workers of the Russian energy structure worked there, then you can eventually achieve what actually happened.

The fact that the HPP building itself was blown up may indicate that the Russians wanted to destroy not only the dam, but also the entire HPP as an energy facility in general."

"Supporters of the version of self-destruction of the dam refer to the fact that no powerful explosion was heard..."

"They wouldn't hear it, actually, because all these (mines) were laid deep in the HPP building - in the interior, below the water level."

"Who controlled the part of the dam where the explosives were probably planted?"

"It was under the control of the Russians, of course. They controlled everything there."

Translated by Dmitry Lytov

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