Rocket attack on Kyiv on 8 July. What areas and objects were hit (MAP)

As a result of a massive rocket attack on Kyiv on 8 July, seven districts of the city were affected - Solomianskyi, Dniprovskyi, Darnytskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Desnianskyi, Shevchenkivskyi and Holosiivskyi. Having processed information from official sources, Texty.org.ua marked on the map the districts of the capital and the main objects that the Russians hit.

Читати українською

Data from open sources
Data from open sources

On 10 July, the State Emergency Service reported that rescue and recovery operations after the Russian attack in Kyiv had been completed. As a result of the hostile shelling on 8 July, 34 people died in the capital, including 5 children. Also, 121 people were injured, including 10 children. 11 people were rescued.

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Based on the information provided by the KVSA, we see the following picture:

Shevchenkivskyi district

- Destruction of two floors of the Okhmatdyt hospital building with an area of approximately 400 sq. m. 2 adults (a doctor and a relative of one of the patients of the medical institution) were killed, 10 were injured. Several other buildings were damaged. At the time of the rocket attack, there were more than 600 patients in Okhmatdyt and at least as many hospital staff.

The toxicology building with the chronic and acute intoxication unit (where children undergo dialysis) of the Ohmatdyt National Children's Hospital was completely destroyed. Almost all the windows in the old surgical building were smashed, and two surgical and two somatic departments, an intensive care unit and an operating unit were heavily damaged. In the new, recently built building, 12 departments were damaged, including 8 surgical wards, 5 oncology wards, two intensive care units, an operating unit, and the radiology and radiation therapy departments. A part of the country's only onco-hematology laboratory was also lost.

- A rocket also hit a Khrushchev building in Syryk, completely destroying one entrance and damaging the rest. Seven people were killed (including 3 children), 18 were injured, and 7 were rescued. By the way, this house is located one and a half kilometres from the US Embassy and the TV centre is about the same distance away. Our journalist used to rent an apartment in this building.

- The plant near the Lukyanivska metro station. 2 people died and 3 were injured.

Solomianskyi district

- The Domino business centre was damaged, two floors with a total area of 1500 sq.m. were destroyed, a fire broke out and was extinguished. 7 people died and 9 were injured.

Holosiivskyi district

- Partial destruction of a 5-storey residential building, two fire centres of 10 sq.m. each, the roof was damaged. 22 people were injured.

- A preschool educational institution was damaged nearby.

- At the same location, garages were damaged and 10 cars caught fire.

Dniprovskyi district

- Partial destruction of the 4-storey building of the private medical centre Adonis. 9 people died and 5 were injured. Social media reports that an ultrasound doctor, a head nurse, a gynaecologist, a nurse manager and a senior cashier were killed. One of our colleagues used the services of this clinic.

Darnytskyi district

- A private house was damaged. One person was injured.

Desnianskyi district

- A fire in a two-storey private house, it was eliminated.

Sviatoshynskyi district

- Fire in an industrial building. The fire was extinguished on the area of 40 square metres.

- Private houses and the building of the Professional Economic College were damaged. 5 people were injured.

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